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Consequently, my table of contents wouldn’t reflect the updates either.Is there a way/shortcut key to update field code changes all at once? Are you saying that your TOC is based on TC (table of contents entry) fields?from the context menu but is there a key or key comination I can use to do the same thing?In Word you could just press F9 to update the field.Topics: Introduction | Example of an Inserted Table of Contents | Creating a Table of Contents | Modifying Table of Contents Options | Updating the Table of Contents Helpful Information: Navigation Pane | Proper Table of Contents Structure (video) Selections can be made in the Table of Contents dialog box that can be activated by navigating to the References tab on the toolbar, locating the Table of Contents pane, selecting the Table of Contents button and choosing “Insert Table of Contents…” from the menu options.Within the Table of Contents dialog box, there is an Options button that allows the author to determine which heading styles should appear in the TOC and at what level each heading should be.

As you continue to edit your document and add headings, you'll periodically need to update the table of contents.For instance, all “Heading 3” text throughout the document can appear at “1” in the TOC.In this scenario, all “Heading 3” text would be the first and outer most level of text that appears in the TOC.As noted in the preceding section, the table of contents is a field, meaning that Word created it for you based on the styles in your document. When you become a member at Carols Corner Office.com, you have access to this and many, many more articles that include screenshots. I have updated the text in my document’s headings in response to reviewer comments, yet when I select all, then press F9 to update the Table of Contents page, the page numbers update but not the titles.

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To work with TC fields, show hidden text in your document.