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Play count not updating

On the other hand, when I play the tracks myself, the play count gets updated.

It is the reverse of what is written in the Help pages.

I currently have the i Phone 5 and I still get this problem Now when I listen to songs, I plug my phone into my computer...

Around October my play counts and last played stopped updating in i Tunes.

I know that the "love" are device specific, but I thought that play count should sync because it worked before Apple Music.

Problem: Using manual i Pod update, Playcount and My Rating (i.e.) will not be synchronized between i Pod and i Tunes.

I used to be really into and scrobble all my tracks from my computer.

When I got my 3GS, it wasn't to reliable with scrobbling tracks when I plugged into my computer.

I read that self-plays are not counted, but when other people listened to my songs, the play count did not increase.To fix this, you can synchronize a selection of playlists BUT...Using synchronization (of a selection of playlists) will not allow you to create Smart Playlist for your i Pod music in particular.3) Synchronize the "i Pod Music" playlist and all Smart Playlists based on i Pod music.You are now be able to: - easily (manually) add/remove music from your i Pod, by adding/removing from the "i Pod Music" Playlist.

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My Windows machine was also on the latest 11version.

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