Ilarawan ang pagdating ni magellan

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Ilarawan ang pagdating ni magellan

This had laid down a Line of Demarcation, to the east of which the Portuguese were given title, and to the west the Spanish.Since Portugal was strengthening its grip in the East Indies, it was clearly in Spain's interest to establish the position of the corresponding demarcation line on the opposite side of the Earth, in case any of the lucrative territories there fell within their zone.Here he sighted a mountain and shouted "Monte video" ("I see a mountain") so giving the name to the city, founded two centuries later, which became the capital of Uruguay.On March 31, as the southern winter was beginning, his fleet put into what is now Port San Julián, on the southern coast of Patagonia, where it remained for nearly six months.Sailing westward in search of the Moluccas, perhaps not realizing he was far to the north of them, after 10 days Magellan became the first European to see the Philippines, landing on the island of Cebu on April 7.There he made an alliance with the ruler of the island and agreed to aid him in an attack on the inhabitants of the neighbouring island of Mactan. But did you know that he also has an inseparable connection to Filipino Martial Arts?

Although Magellan did not live to complete the voyage, he did circumnavigate the globe (if he made the 1511 journey to the Moluccas) by passing the easternmost point he had reached on an earlier voyage.Nobody was certain which side of this line the Moluccas lay.The Spanish Crown was quick to endorse Magellan's plans and finance came from the German banking firm, the House of Fuggers.Magellan returned to Portugal in 1512, was promoted to captain, and fought against the Moors in Morocco, where he received wounds that left him lame for life.After his request for an increase in his royal allowance was rejected by Emanuel, King of Portugal, who was indifferent also to Magellan's proposal for a voyage to the Moluccas, Magellan renounced his Portuguese nationality and in 1517 offered his services to the King of Spain, Charles I (later Holy Roman Emperor Charles V).

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At the age of 12 he went to court as page to Queen Leonora, consort of the Portuguese King John II.

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