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Iceeview dating com

The film climaxes as a giant ice storm slowly freezes the neighborhood, trapping most of the major characters inside, forcing them to deal with the questions at hand and the results of their actions.

There's an atmosphere of gloom that seems to wash over this film.

There�s the two-timing dad Ben (Kevin Kline), whose guilt has him perpetually playing what his daughter calls an �Up With People� routine.

There�s the sad wife Elena (Joan Allen), stumbling along, maintaining a surface appearance of success masking huge feelings of emptiness.

Although the film takes place around Thanksgiving, there is no sense of a holiday or anyone giving thanks for anything.

In fact, as Wendy says grace at the dinner table, she says, "Thanks for letting us white people kill all the Indians." Everyone seems to be disgusted with what they have or, at least, unsatisfied.

What I got was a quirky, strange, and somehow satisfying look into the self-destruction of two families in 1973 Connecticut.Although the characters all seemed unhappy in their roles in life, I quite enjoyed my role as a witness to it all. I was having some serious withdrawals and could not stop talking about it every chance I got.Mikey's younger brother, Sandy (Adam Hann-Byrd), idolizes Wendy and also likes to blow stuff up with M80's.Janey Carver (Sigourney Weaver) seems to put up with all of it because she has to rationalize her affair with Ben Hood.

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